ATTENTION: An ‘anthology’ reissue of all five back issues of Spectrum Magazine is currently being prepared, with a target release date of 2018 via Headpress.  Bonus content will include all completed interviews, articles and reviews intended for publication in issue no.6, which was cancelled before publication in mid 2002.  The working title for the book is:


archival documentation of the post-industrial underground

Spectrum Magazine Archive 1998-2002

Due to this upcoming reprint, the PDF scans of all back issues have been removed.

Following below is the approved book cover, as of October, 2018.

Following below is a promotional flyer for the book, produced in October, 2017.



Spectrum Magazine was a ‘fanzine’ type music magazine which existed between 1998 and 2001.  During this period 5 issues were self published.  The original tag line of ‘ambient / industrial / experimental music culture magazine’ should give an idea of genre coverage, but upon reflection this should have been expanded to include power electronics and neo-folk as well.


PDF’s of all 5 issues of Spectrum Magazine can be downloaded via the ‘Issues’ tab, which includes details of publication date and print limitation.


So with regard to the question of “why this archive now?” – is it a case of a bit of nostalgia? Or want of recognition?  Well, in truth it is probably a little a bit of both, but more than anything this is about documenting and spreading information about music which is too often ignored or forgotten.  Spectrum Magazine started at the dawn of the internet age, and from the outset I chose to go with the more cumbersome and expensive task of publishing and distributing it in hard copy.  Yet for my efforts, the magazine now thankfully exists in physical form as a document of its time, and has not suffered the fate of so may long deleted and forgotten websites.  To my mind something in physical format has a much greater impact, both at the time of release, as well as years down the line  – a time capsule if you will.

However seeing as though each of the issues were published in print runs of between 150 to 500 copies, to my mind this was far too few, but ultimately dictated by cost of publication and the prohibitive cost of international postage.  So given all back issues are LONG sold out, and that Spectrum Magazine gets mentioned on internet forums from time to time, why not use the power of the internet to spread the magazine further and reach those who may have missed it first time round?

Whilst I am still proud of all issues of Spectrum, upon reflection I do note that there is a certain ‘charm’ to the enthusiasm contained within the earlier issues, that was at least a little more honed by the final issue.  If you have read this far hopefully you will get something out of Spectrum Magazine – be it being introduced for the first time, or otherwise as a means to track down previous issues you may have missed.  Noting my comments above I certainly encourage you to download and PRINT the PDF’s, rather than just reading it on screen!

I have also included additional articles, interviews and reviews written during 2002-2006 which should be of interest, which can be located through the main page.

Comments and feedback are welcome, either though this site or via e-mail spectrummagazine at hotmail dot com

Also please note that all prior listed postal addresses within Spectrum Magazine are defunct.


– Richard Stevenson

All interviews, articles and reviews by Richard Stevenson (unless otherwise noted).

No content can be used for any purpose without permission (please).


As of September, 2012 I will be continuing review writing through my new web blog ‘noise receptor’.

Check it out here: http://noisereceptor.wordpress.com


“I can only recommend this magazine – was one of the best print mags in this genre” – Klaus Hilger, Tesco Organisation Germany

“Amazing work, really cool to see these zines again” – Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Bjorkk

“These issues are legendary and historically very significant! Thanks for making them available again” – Stephen Petrus, Murderous Vision / Live Bait Recording Foundation

“…such a great magazine … definitely tops in its category, along with the likes of Descent”. Derek Rush, Dream Into Dust / Chthonic Streams

“Thanks for putting these online, fun for us oldtimers that still make and listen to this music”– Hærleif / Northaunt

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  1. Cordell Klier

    Awesome…. completely brings me back. I used to love this rag quite a bit. Thanks for making them available again. I never actually got my hands on the last issue… ..So I’m very excited to look thru it in a minute.


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